VGI in Crisis

April 15, 2016

These slides are available:

Project EPIC

Empowering the Public With Information in Crisis

Looking to better understand the use of social media and social computing platforms during disaster and crisis


42k Tweets with "sandy" during Hurricane Sandy

Users Tweeting about Hurricane Sandy

What is OSM?

The Wikipedia of Maps

Editing OSM

OpenStreetMap In Use

2,547,742 Registered Users
497,761 Active Users per Month
134,298,933 Buildings
1,131,335 Miles of Roads

Data as of 2015 from Mapbox's 10 Years of OSM (

Crisis Mapping

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

OpenStreetMap - Project Haiti from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

April 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Eric Fischer, Mapbox

Understanding VGI In Crisis

How do we begin to make sense of all this data?

Who are the users?

How are they using the platform?

What questions are they asking?

Why are they contributing?

Ultimately, how can we improve these platforms and processes?

Thank You