Jennings Anderson

Welcome to my node on the net. I am a geospatial information scientist currently working as a computer science postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder. My primary research interest is OpenStreetMap. I build data analysis systems that explore the complete history of the map to see how both the community and the map evolve, especially with regards to humanitarian mapping.

This started by building new systems to support crisis informatics research that explored the massive amounts of geographic information produced during disasters by thousands of volunteers improving the map for humanitarian aid. I completed my PhD in computer science in 2019 working with Professors Leysia Palen and Ken Anderson in Project EPIC—a pioneering research lab in the crisis informatics domain.

I approach the geoinformation sciences from a human-centered-computing viewpoint, seeing OSM as a collaborative Online platform of millions of people producing and maintaining a constantly-evolving geographic database for a plethora of reasons. My previous research included collecting and analyzing massive quantities of geo-referenced tweets posted disasters to learn about protective decision-making practices on social media.

This website describes most of my research, view my CV for a complete list, or email me at for more information.