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I am a GeoSpatial Information Scientist specializing in full-stack development of OpenStreetMap data analysis systems to holistically explore the evolution of both the community and the map. I also collaborate closely with other researchers and companies in the OSM community.

Research Appointments

Post-Doctoral Research Associate 2019 - 2020

University of Colorado Boulder

Visiting Researcher Fall 2019

Heidelberg Institute of GeoInformation Technology (HeiGIT)


Ph.D., Computer Science2019

University of Colorado Boulder.
Research Assistant to Leysia Palen and Kenneth M. Anderson
Project EPIC (Empowering the Public with Information in Crisis)

M.S., Computer Science 2017

University of Colorado Boulder

B.A., Double Major Computer Science & Mathematics2012

Carroll College - Helena, Montana


Journal Papers

Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar, and Leysia Palen (2019). Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of OpenStreetMap ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2019, 8, 232. doi:10.3390/ijgi8050232

Julie L. Demuth, Rebecca E. Morss, Leysia Palen, Kenneth M. Anderson, Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Kevin Stowe, Melissa Bica, Heather Lazrus, Olga Wilhemi, Jennifer Henderson (2018). “Sometimes da #beachlife ain’t always da wave”: Understanding People’s Evolving Hurricane Risk Communication, Risk Assessments, and Responses Using Twitter Narratives. Weather, Climate, and Society, 10(3), 537-560. doi:10.1175/WCAS-D-17-0126.1

Jennings Anderson, Robert Soden, Brian Keegan, Leysia Palen, and Kenneth M. Anderson (2018). The Crowd is the Territory: Assessing Quality in Peer-Produced Spatial Data During Disasters. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. doi:10.1080/10447318.2018.1427828

Rebecca E. Morss, Julie L. Demuth, Heather Lazrus, Leysia Palen, C. Michael Barton, Chris A. Davis, Chris Snyder, Olga V. Wilhelmi, Kenneth M. Anderson, David A. Ahijevych, Jennings Anderson, Melissa Bica, Kate R. Fossell, Jennifer Henderson, Marina Kogan, Kevin Stowe, and Joshua Watts (2017). Hazardous Weather Prediction and Communication in the Modern Information Environment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98, 2653–2674.

Conference Proceedings (Archival)

Jennings Anderson and Dipto Sarkar (2020). Curious Cases of Corporations in OpenStreetMap. State of the Map 2020. Online (COVID19: Cape Town, South Africa). [Video]

Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar, and Leysia Palen (2020). Corporate Editing in the Evolving Landscape of OpenStreetMap: A Close Investigation of the Impact to the Map and the Community. State of the Map 2019. Heidelberg, Germany. September 22, 2019. [Video]

Jennings Anderson, Gerard Casas Saez, Kenneth M. Anderson, Leysia Palen, and Rebecca Morss (2019). Incorporating Context and Location Into Social Media Analysis: A Scalable, Cloud-Based Approach for More Powerful Data Science. In Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences. Maui, Hawaii. Best Paper Nomination.

Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Melissa Bica, Leysia Palen, Kevin Stowe, Kenneth M. Anderson, Rebecca Morss, Julie Demuth, Heather Lazrus, Olga Wilhelmi, Jennifer Henderson (2016). Far Far Away in Far Rockaway: Responses to Risks and Impacts during Hurricane Sandy through First-Person Social Media Narratives. In Proceedings of the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2016), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Marina Kogan, Jennings Anderson, Robert Soden, Kenneth M. Anderson and Leysia Palen (2016). Finding the Way to OSM Mapping Practices: Bounding Large Crisis Datasets for Qualitative Investigation. In Proceedings of CHI ‘16.

Jennings Anderson, Robert Soden, Kenneth M. Anderson, Marina Kogan, Leysia Palen (2016). EPIC-OSM: A Software Framework for OpenStreetMap Data Analytics. In Proceedings of the 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 5467-5477. PDF

Leysia Palen, Robert Soden, T. Jennings Anderson, and Mario Barrenechea (2015). Success & Scale in a Data-Producing Organization: The Socio-Technical Evolution of OpenStreetMap in Response to Humanitarian Events. In Proceedings of CHI ‘15. 4113-4122.

Shideh Dashti, Leysia Palen, Mehdi Heris, Kenneth M. Anderson, Scott Anderson, Jennings Anderson (2014). Supporting Disaster Reconnaissance with Social Media Data: A Design-Oriented Case Study of the 2013 Colorado Floods. In Proceedings of the Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2014). 632-641. Best Paper Nomination

Workshop Papers

Jennings Anderson (2020). Analyzing OpenStreetMap Contributions at Scale: Introducing osm-interactions Tilesets. 3rd Workshop on Quality of Open Data at Business Information Systems 2020, Online (COVID19: Colorado Springs, Colorado). [Video]

Kevin Stowe, Martha Palmer, Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Leysia Palen, Kenneth M. Anderson, Rebecca Morss, Julie Demuth, and Heather Lazrus (2018). Developing and Evaluating Annotation Procedures for Twitter Data during Hazard Events. In Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Linguistic Annotation, Multiword Expressions and Constructions (LAW-MWE-CxG-2018), Santa Fe, New Mexico. 133–143.

Kevin Stowe, Jennings Anderson, Martha Palmer, Leysia Palen, Kenneth M. Anderson (2018). Improving Classification of Twitter Behavior During Hurricane Events. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media, held with the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Melbourne, Australia.

Melissa Bica and Jennings Anderson. (2016) “You Are What You Tweet”: The Ethics of (Re)Publishing Public Data as Crafted Narratives. Workshop on Ethical Encounters in HCI research at CHI ‘16


Jennings Anderson (2019) Contributor-centric Analytics for OpenStreetMap: Approaches to Full Stack, Metadata-driven Analysis Infrastructure for an Open Geospatial Data Platform. PhD. Dissertation, University of Colorado Boulder. July 31, 2019. [Video]

Jennings Anderson and Grant Williams (2014). “Reflections and Advice from Two Former ICM Competitors” in The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling: Culturing Interdisciplinary Problem Solving. Ed. Chris Arney and Paul J. Campbell. Bedford, MA: COMAP, 17-26.

T. Jennings Anderson, Philip Rose, Mark Parker, and Gillian Glaes (2012) The Mathematics of Cryptography and Data Compression. Honors Thesis. Carroll College.


Conference Presentations

Jennings Anderson and Seth Fitzsimmons. Postcards from the Edge: A Tour of OSM Data Analyses + Visualizations. State of the Map US 2019. Minneapolis, Minnesota. September 6, 2019. [Video, Blog]

Human-Centered Data Science and OpenStreetMap: Contributor-Centric OpenStreetMap Analysis Infrastructure. State of the Map 2018. Milan, Italy. July 29, 2018. [Video]

Watching the Map Grow. State of the Map US. Boulder, CO. October 22, 2017. [Video]

Mikel Maron and Jennings Anderson. OpenStreetMap US by the Numbers For the Community. State of the Map US, Seattle, WA. July 23, 2016. [Video]

Jennings Anderson, Robert Soden, Marina Kogan, Kenneth Anderson, Leysia Palen. A Real Need for Real-Time OpenStreetMap Analytics. Annual Meeting for the Assocation of American Geographers (AAG 2016). San Francisco, California. March 31, 2016. [Slides]

Robert Soden, Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Ken Anderson, and Mikel Maron (2015). The Social Life of OpenStreetMap: What Can We Know from the Data?  New Tools and Approaches. Annual Meeting for the Assocation of American Geographers (AAG 2015). Chicago, Illinois. April 24, 2015. Presentation

Invited Talks

Contributor-Centric Analytics for OpenStreetMap. Department of GeoInformation, University of Heidelberg
October 8, 2019

Visualizing Billions of Edits to OpenStreetMap. Auraria library GIS day event. Denver, CO [Video]
November 14, 2018


Hands On Experience Extracting Meaningful OSM Data by Using Amazon Athena with AWS Public Datasets. Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team 2019 Summit. Heidelberg, Germany. September 19, 2019. [Workshop]

Jennings Anderson and Seth Fitzsimmons. OpenStreetMap Data Analysis Workshop. State of the Map US 2018. Detroit, Michigan. October 5, 2018.

Big Human Data: Data by Humans, For Humanitarian Needs. NSF Sponsored Data Science Workshop. University of Washington, Seattle. August 5-7, 2015. Poster

Professional Research Experience

Research Fellow at Mapbox2016; 2017

I built interactive maps and data visualizations in collaboration with the data team to institute and validate the concept of contributor-centric intrinsic quality metrics for OpenStreetMap. I presented the results of this work at the State of the Map US conferences.


Conference Program Committee

State of the Map 2019. Heidelberg, Germany (

State of the Map US 2019. Minneapolis, Minnesota (

Organizing Committee

State of the Map US 2017. Boulder, CO. (


Transactions in GIS; International Journal of GeoInformation; State of the Map; State of the Map US; Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI); Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW, JCSCW), International Journal of HCI (IJHCI); Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS); International Conference on Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM, JISCRAM); MobileHCI.

Teaching Experience

Guest Lectures

Social Computing & Volunteered Geographic Information. INFO 1111: Understanding the World Through Data. Nov 1, 2018

Social Computing & Volunteered Geographic Information. ENVS 5100: Creating Usable Science. October 15, 2018

GeoSpatial Data Visualization. INFO 4602/5602: Information Visualization. January 23, 2018

GeoSpatial Data & Crisis Informatics. INFO 1111. October 2017

GeoSpatial Data. INFO 1111. Oct 27 & Nov 1, 2016

OpenStreetMap & Webmapping. CSCI 4830. Spring 2015 and Spring 2016

Software Engineering Teaching Assistant2013-2014

Teaching Assistant to Judy Stafford (2013) and Ifeyinwa Okoye (2014) for CS 3308: Software Methods & Tools at University of Colorado Boulder. Focus was on Software-as-a-Service web technologies using Ruby on Rails for development.
Guest Lecture: SaaS Security (April 11, 2014)

Co-Instructor of Student Topics in Computer Science2012

Designed and co-instructed a computer science special topics course on web deveopment for interested students at Carroll College with Nathan Woods.

Other Experience

Montana Backcountry Yurts, LLC2018 -

Co-Owner and CTO of a Montana based company focused on providing access and lodging to backcountry skiers and snowboarders.

Maptime Boulder2013 -

Co-Organizer of a local chapter of the international geospatial focused Meetup. Meets monthly to discuss open geospatial data technologies and put on workshops.

Catan Enterprises, LLC.2011 -

Co-Owner and of Property Management Company specializing in sustainable, energy efficient construction and high-efficiency infill development. Constructed a 1500 sq. ft. super-insulated home between July 2011 and October 2012. Company currently owns and manages three single family homes and one triplex.

Engineers Without Borders: Carroll College Student Chapter2009-2012

Directing 25 students as Chapter President (2011). Developed and maintained partnerships with Kiwanis, Rotary, and Helena based engineering firms to support projects in both Mexico and Guatemala. Traveled to Guatemala three times to design a clean-water system and perform a structural reinforcement project for a school of 500 students.

Carroll Adventure & Mountaineering Program 2010-2012

Co-Chair of Carroll College’s outdoor program. Held Wilderness First Responder certification during this time and organized and led trips into the Montana Wilderness. Also co-taught Telemark Skiing and Rock Climbing clinics for students.

Montana Gear Up 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013

Counselor for a state grant funded summer camp for middle school students from low-income school districts across Montana. The Gear Up program promotes postsecondary education for all Montana students.

Steamboat Mountain School 2004 - 2008

Attended the Steamboat Mountain School (formerly Lowell Whiteman School), participating in the Global Immersion Studies program for four years.

Awards, Scholarships, Competitions

Department of Computer Science Outstanding Research Assistant 2018

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Honorable Mention 2015

Department of Computer Science Outstanding Research Assistant 2014

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Honorable Mention 2014

Graduate Student Research Community Development Award 2013

Thomas G. Stewart Award in Computer Science (Carroll College) 2012

COMAP Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling: Meritorious Winner 2012

COMAP Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling: Finalist (Top 2%) 2011

COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling: Meritorious Winner 2010

Merit-Based Trustee Scholarship at Carroll College 2008-2012

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