Hurricane Sandy - Far Rockaway

Far Far Away in Far Rockaway:
Responses to Risks and Impacts during Hurricane Sandy through First-Person Social Media Narratives

Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Melissa Bica, Leysia Palen, Ken Anderson, Kevin Stowe, Rebecca Morss, Julie Demuth, Heather Lazrus, Olga Wilhelmi, Jennifer Henderson.

In Proceedings of ISCRAM 2016

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When Hurricane Sandy swept over the US eastern seaboard in October 2012, it was the most tweeted about event at the time. However, some of the most affected areas were underrepresented in the social media conversation about Sandy. Here, we examine the hurricane-related experiences and behaviors shared on Twitter by residents of Far Rockaway, a New York City neighborhood that is geographically and socioeconomically vulnerable to disasters, which was significantly affected by the storm. By carefully filtering the vast Twitter data, we focus on 41 Far Rockaway residents who offer rich personal accounts of their experience with Sandy. Analyzing their first-person narratives, we see risk perception and protective decision-making behavior in their data. We also find themes of invisibility and neglect when residents expressed feeling abandoned by the media, the city government, and the overall relief efforts in the aftermath of Sandy.